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About BBYO - B'nai B'rith Youth Organization

Here's a note from a BBYO member, describing how her membership has
enriched her life.

"From an outside point of view BBYO seems like a bunch of Jewish teens getting
together, having programs, and going on an occasional convention.  However
from the inside, BBYO is an entirely unique organization that allows teens to
make friends, become unified as Jewish youth, and develop a sense of self.

To me BBYO is incomparable.  Going into high school I could have never
imagined that I would look forward to business meetings, cheer at the top of my
lungs, or pray not because I have to, but because I want to.  Over the years
I found that BBYO is not only a social opportunity.  It has allowed me to grow as a
Jewish teen; it has allowed me to thrive in my high school years, something very
difficult to achieve.

I see BBYO as an outlet for anyone looking for something different and new.  This
organization is filled with open-minded and opinionated teenagers who yearn to
make a difference.  It can turn the shyest person into a leader.  I couldn't imagine
life without BBYO.  Where would I be every weekend?  What would I have to look
forward to?

Nothing could possibly measure up to the organization that changed my life.
I have grown to feel like BBYO cannot be matched by anything.  What it has to
offer is a rarity, and I am glad to be a part of it."
                       -Elizabeth Hassett

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    It should be noted that several years ago B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
    (BBYO) officially "grew up" and left the B'nai B'rith International "nest" as a
    separate, legal entity. Both organizations continue to uphold the highest
    ideals, but decided to go forward separately.  Perhaps this website can
    serve as a "bridge" between the two organizations.
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