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Who - or What - Is B'nai B'rith
As the oldest Jewish service organization in the United States, B’nai B’rith
International (BBI) was founded in 1843. The initial focus was to help
recent German Jewish immigrants adapt to their new homes and provide
aid to their widows and orphans.  With the passage of time, they began
offering assistance to others as the need became apparent.  From another
perspective, BBI had been offering non-sectarian assistance for 43 years
when the first Coca Cola was served.

What do we stand for?  The seven-branched menorah, or candle holder, is
the emblem of B’nai B’rith International, whose mission is to fill the world
with light of the divine truth.  Each candle is symbolic of a noble ideal:  
Light, Justice, Peace, Truth, Generosity, Harmony, and Brotherly Love.

Today with members in 59 countries, B’nai B’rith International defends
Jewish interests around the world.  But our impact goes far beyond the
worldwide Jewish community.  We mobilize volunteers and provide financial
assistance to meet local needs and operate the respected B’nai B’rith
Disaster Relief Program for non-sectarian assistance worldwide.  We've
been there to help when floods plagued the mid-western U.S., when
hurricanes struck in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey,
New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Haiti, when terrorists attacked
the U. S. on Sept. 11, 2001, when earthquakes upset Armenia, Iran, San
Francisco, Turkey, and the tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan.  We offer
assistance wherever and whenever needed, without regard to racial,
religious, or cultural background.

Distributed to parents and caregivers nationwide, our "Smarter Kids, Safer
Kids" guide provides information to help protect children against abduction
and sexual abuse.  And our community service programs for the elderly,
hungry and homeless have helped more than 10,000 people throughout the
United States in the past year alone.

Philadelphia, PA's Rabbi Yaacov Rosenberg, of blessed memory, defined  
Judaism as "an evolving religious tradition striving to change that which is,
into that which ought to be."  We hope this essay contest will help to open
minds and change hearts to be more accepting and respectful of the
people around us
because that's what ought to be.

Achim-Gate City Lodge in Atlanta, GA is one of the oldest B'nai B'rith
lodges in the USA.  We continue to serve our communities with several
volunteer community service programs including:

• Each year our "B'nai B'rith Care for Kids" project delivers new and gently
used stuffed animals to children in hospitals and shelters for the homeless
and abused. Since 1997 we have re-distributed more than 20,000 furry
friends to these children, and brought the biggest smiles to their faces.

• Our "Pinch Hitter" program (a tradition since 1980) provides hundreds of  
volunteers in Atlanta area hospitals and assisted living facilities to relieve
Christian employees from non-technical, non-medical duty on Christmas
Day so they can celebrate their holiday with their families.  In 1990,
President George Bush (the first) recognized this program as his 335th
Volunteer Point of Light.

• Enlighten America, our annual Essay Contest among middle school
students, encourages respect and tolerance of our friends and neighbors'
diverse religious beliefs and racial / cultural backgrounds.

• Periodic meetings feature notable speakers with contemporary messages.

We supplement these programs with dinners out, social gatherings and
emergency public service projects when arising situations need our help.

If you're an adult thinking about joining BBI, let's talk.  If you're a teenager,
we encourage you to join BBYO if you are so inclined. We can put you in
touch with the right people to make that happen. Be aware that all contest
entries will be judged equally, regardless of member or non-member status
in either organization.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation in support of this contest
or any of our other humanitarian volunteer projects, thank you for your
generosity. B'nai B'rith International is a 501(c)3 charitable organization
under IRS guidelines.  Please make your check payable to B'nai B'rith
International, and send it to:

B’nai B’rith
c/o Harry Lutz
1748 Corners Cove                 
Dunwoody, GA  30338                             or click on this button.
Your donation will proceed in the most safe, secure and confidential
environment possible.  Be aware that making a donation will not affect
contest finalist selection or awarding of prizes.

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Why do we do all this, and more??? Tikkun Olam is a Jewish expression
that's an integral part of being Jewish. Loosely translated, it refers to our
obligation to repair the world... to make the world a better place in which to
live, to work, and to play.  We hope this contest and our other social action
projects help to advance our effort toward Tikkun Olam.
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